I’ve completed forty-two 3″ X 5″ paintings for this Saturday’s exhibition. Each person who comes to the event will receive one, and will get the chance to give their painting a title. I will upload titles as I receive them with the corresponding paintings.

More work will be posted, along with the work I create at the event. Hope you can make it.


Eating my Bread in Haste, mixed media, 2017.

I’ve been in the studio this past month working on new pieces and spending time praying & talking with God about what’s going on in the world. If you’re ever overwhelmed and need someone to be praying for you, please let me know. 

Some of the new pieces have collaged elements from a Japanese entomology chart I repurposed for the fun of insects running across my paintings. There will be a few surprises here and there, but I’m also making paintings with the idea of light emanating from darkness.

Emerald Aflame, Mixed Media, 2017.

Conversation, mixed media, 2017.

If you’d like to see these works in person, & also watch me work on some paintings, please come to the event this Saturday. I look forward to seeing you there.

I will be participating in an art event in Sendai on Saturday, September 16th, 2017, from 2-7pm.

At this event, I will be exhibiting and talking about my work with guests, as well as working on live paintings. 

Keita Candle will also be showcasing his work, and doing interactive candle-making demos.

Mel Picardel is also exhibiting his photos and talking about his subject matter, which includes his stories about travel throughout Japan.

Guests can come by any time. The cost of the event is ¥3,500, which includes entrance, a drink, a gift from all three of the exhibiting artists, as well as enjoyment of the venue, The Roof, a creative and fashionable event space overlooking downtown Sendai.

It is on the 6th floor of the building next to the Richmond Hotel, after accessing the roof from a flight of stairs to the right of the elevator.
Hope you can make it!

I recently had a chance to go to Maruzen Bookshop in downtown with some other artists after we checked out a recent exhibition at the Miyagi Museum of Art. I’ll fill you in on that trip later. I’m very limited in my Japanese language comprehension right now, especially anything past Hiragana, Katakana, and maybe some Kanji recognition.  One of my friends was nice enough to direct me to the color theory books in the art section. Of course, I looked around to see if there were any western titles I recognized like Interaction of Color by Albers, but we couldn’t find it. Instead, there were quite a few books by Japanese authors on color theory in art, design, culture, etc. Apparently, there are a lot of resources out there on the subject; however, there is the language barrier which often feels like preparation for a deep space mission when I attempt to work it out. Life as a resident alien; it is what it is.

I did, however, find this fantastic tool for ¥780 ($6.35).


 Here are the specs:

配色カード 199a の構成内容、監修一般財団法人日本色彩研究所

(New Color Scheme Card 199a Organizer, created under the general supervision of The Japan Color Research Institute).

Has 24 vivid tone hues (色相), deep, dark, pale, light, bright, soft, dull, light grayish, dark grayish each 12 hues 10 tones (の10トーソ:各12色相)

(Achromatic color): 17 stages (無彩色 : 17 段階), Pink: 10 colors (色), Brown: 7 colors (色), off Neutral: 15 colors (色), Flesh (肌色): 6 colors (色).

Made by Nippon Iro-ken business Co., Ltd. (日本色研事業株式会社).

Published: Tokyo Kojimachi © Japan Iro-ken 1998 (東京麹町 © 日本色研 1998)

This card set is from Lot No. 01407. The disclaimer states,

“Please understand that Lot No. colored paper will change because of the printing of color might be different.” (おことわり 印刷 による 色紙 の ため Lot No . が 変わる と 色 が 異なる場合 が あり ます ので ご 了承 ください 。)

For those of you who have worked with color aid paper, this is a very inexpensive tool that can be used similarly. I’m going to keep exploring and learning more about what different artists use here in Japan in their studio practice. I’ll keep you posted as to what I discover.

  Study, Mixed media on Arches cold press, 10x14cm.


Study, Mixed media on Arches cold press, 15x20cm.

Creating work in a small space can be challenging. I’m currently exploring what this constraint can teach me about using what I have effectively. Also, I’m using mediums that are safe for use in a living space (ie: no oil painting in one’s studio apartment!) 

Currently making tiny works with the goal of exhibiting in a small show in Sendai in a few months. 

WIP, Watch this space.